Thursday, 6 January 2011

Through a glass, sparkly...

That was an awful pun.
Through a glass, darkly is an EXCELLENT book by Jostein Gaarder with many insights into religion, and childhood, and terminal illness and stuff. It's sad. But excellent.
And if i take pictures of myself with a shitty webcam through a sparkly fairy wand it looks like that up there ^^^.

Also, I have decided to keep track of the books I read this year to a) feel good about myself being a geeky bookworm, b) make myself read some of the books I keep meaning to read but dont and c) try and stop myself endlessly re-reading the harry potter books and the princess diaries (though I <3 them more than a nearly 22 year old should).

Anyhow so far this year:

Default 'home for holidays no-more-stress-please' reading

angsty russian literature for looking cool on buses

long descriptions of pretty dresses, with love stories and holocaust stories woven in.

M'off to watch Big Bang Theory.

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