Friday, 28 January 2011

Fairy Hair

Part of The Massive Dissertation Avoidance Project (TMDAP) involved daydreaming about what the hair would look like of a lovechild between Kurt Cobain turned ballerina..


and some kind of magical mermaid lady...

Anyway I got my box of hair dyes out and had a play and ended up with...

I think this is gonna look great when the turquoise fades out a bit...

Sources as far as I'm aware:
1: no idea- if anyone does please let me know
2: degas

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More Books What I Have Read

My dissertation is not going as swimmingly as I had hoped, so I'm reckoning that if I practice doing a bit of writing in blogland first, the diss-writing will start to flow a bit better.
Here's what words I have looked at and understood.

I'm not following this, but it's got some alright recipes and good workout plans in it.

A bit blah 

I like reading things that talk about vintage clothes...

Goes well with leftover birthday cake.


That last one was actually research for my dissertation so that is a GOOD THING in my life!

Now I'm going to go downstairs, replace my empty cafetiere with a pot full of green tea, stare at the washing up, think about doing it, walk into the living room, attempt not to get sucked into to the Gilmore Girls (How did it take me this long to realise it was amazing? How?), hang my wet laundry up to dry, sit down at the computer, stare at my pile of books that I actually HAVE to read, write some words, realise they are awful, delete the words, repeat ad nauseum.


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Through a glass, sparkly...

That was an awful pun.
Through a glass, darkly is an EXCELLENT book by Jostein Gaarder with many insights into religion, and childhood, and terminal illness and stuff. It's sad. But excellent.
And if i take pictures of myself with a shitty webcam through a sparkly fairy wand it looks like that up there ^^^.

Also, I have decided to keep track of the books I read this year to a) feel good about myself being a geeky bookworm, b) make myself read some of the books I keep meaning to read but dont and c) try and stop myself endlessly re-reading the harry potter books and the princess diaries (though I <3 them more than a nearly 22 year old should).

Anyhow so far this year:

Default 'home for holidays no-more-stress-please' reading

angsty russian literature for looking cool on buses

long descriptions of pretty dresses, with love stories and holocaust stories woven in.

M'off to watch Big Bang Theory.