Sunday, 16 May 2010


I'm currently in Maastricht, in The Netherlands, on a 6 week project at the Toneelacademie working with Peter Misotten and some of the students there. It's really really hard work, but there's still been time for some shiny adventure times!

Double-Decker Trains!


The Scariest Swing-Chairs Known To Mankind!
They are taller than trees.

Even taller than this one.
Which I think is a wisteria? It's beautiful and smells heavenly anyway.
And it's very very purple and makes me think of Jeff Buckley's 'Lilac Wine'.

 I Don;t know what this means, but I like how the metal sign is less shiny than the non-metal door!

And now...
A couple of limericks written for my silly friends.

There was a young wenchface named Annabel
who became a quite horrible cannibal
she ate people up
and drank blood from a cup
so her presence from restaurants is bannable.

There was a young lady from Luddenden
who splashed in the puddles of mud and then
got soaking wet socks
and her shoes full of rocks
so she emptied them out to have fun again!

I shall have to go now, for I have many unwritten essays and not enough time for anything.
Til we meet again!


  1. hoge spanning = high voltage.
    enjoy your time :)

  2. Thank you!
    I might have to make myself a hoge spanning tshirt or something...

    and pretend I can speak dutch!